down to earthFire resistantVapour-permeableCertifiedHeat-shield protectionProtection against the coldguaranteedEcologicalCalming
Rising energy prices mean there is no time to hesitate. The high performance systems from Unger-Diffutherm make the choice easy.
The quick and slim internal insulation system for warm, interior wall surfaces
10 year long-term study + 20 years of experience + qualified installations = 15 year guarantee.
With the Original you can insulate naturally and experience an optimal room climate without mould growth.
Designed as a coordinated system: Insulation boards, fixings, jointing profiles, plasters and paints. For longevity and quality.
The natural fibres of the Unger-Diffutherm insulation systems, with their combined sandwich design, provide optimal sound-proofing.
Insulation materials made from renewable, coniferous wood which can be easily be-used/recycled afterwards. Insulation materials in a system solution. Insulation materials for that ‘feel-good’ feeling. Valuable, quality insulation materials.
For renovations. Made from natural wood-fibres. Thicknesses from 80 to 200 mm. Is affixed without adhesives. Automatically compensates for substrate unevenness. Diffusion-permeable and sound-proofing. Its name is UdiRECO.

Insulate naturally. The original.

Since 1989 innovative wood-fibre insulation boards and insulation systems. We develop perfect insulation solutions for façades, interior walls, dry-wall constructions and roofs using high-performance wood-fibre raw materials in a wide range of combinations. Our solutions help to provide a comfortable environment for you to live and work. The Udi brand product range stands for sustainable energy-saving, increased living quality within your own four walls and climate protection for our Mother Earth.


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natureplus is the international label of quality for all building and accommodation products, the insulation board UdiUNGER-DIFFUTHERM is certified. [read more]

The ETICS UdiFRONT System has been certified by the DIBT Berlin with the European ETA..

[read more...]

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