The quick and slim internal insulation system
For warm, interior wall surfaces
No need for wall plugs - Ideal where space is limited



The UdiIN 2CM SYSTEM distinguishes itself through the combination of the stationary air layer in the honeycomb, climate chamber, matrix together with the capillary-active UdiWood-Fibre Insulation Board. By using a coat of special reflecting paint the heat radiating characteristics of the system can be improved even more.

Everybody has heard of the “double glazing effect”. The insulating effect is provided by the stationary air layer between the panes.

In the UdiIN 2CM SYSTEM this air layer is enclosed with the walls of the climate chambers which run parallel and vertically to the heat flow.

Even better that double glazing, the UdiIN 2CM SYSTEM also absorbs moisture and transports it away. There is no risk of moisture becoming trapped.
Due to its high thermal storage capacity the surface temperature of the UdiIN 2CM SYSTEM is much higher than a traditional brick wall, for example.


The graph shows the effect of the UdiIN 2CM SYSTEM. The surface temperature of the external wall is always colder without the insulation system. The system functions in two ways. On the one hand it influences the surface temperature and, on the other, our sensation of cold by reducing the amount of coldness radiated by up to a factor of ten.



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  • Quickly installed without wall plugs
  • Warm wall surfaces
  • For every room where space is limited
  • Increases the surface temperature
  • Bridges cracks
  • The sensation of cold disappears
  • The stationary air columns between the UdiFOUNDATION COAT and the wood fibres
    increase the insulating effect

The components in detail


The moisture transportation properties of this specially developed coating improve the climate of the room when using internal insulation. Its natural components include lime and quartz sand.

Coverage (for reinforcement): 4.5 kg / m2

Coverage (used as an adhesive): 5.0 – 7.0 kg / m2

UdiIN 2CM is a combination of an 8 mm UdiWOOD FIBRE board with a 14 mm climate chamber board, which provides an insulating layer of stationary air. The boards are set in to a 2 mm bed of adhesive

UdiREINFORCEMENT Strengthening Mesh
provides stabilisation and dynamic loading resistance

Self-adhesive PUR-foam tape. Pre-compressed (left),
self-expanded (right).
is guaranteed. May also be plastered
or painted over. Available in various

Extra strong plastic profile for the reinforcement of internal and external rightangled corners. Complete with pre-welded strengthening mesh strips. For all wall and ceiling areas. Theses profiles should be affixed before the installation of the UdiREINFORCEMENT Strengthening Mesh.
This exquisite interior paint is made
from natural minerals and vegetable components
such as loam-clay, chalk, plantbased
emulsifier, cellulose, Saflor stand-oil
and water. It is air-permeable, moisture-regulating,
odourless and suitable for allergy
sufferers. Dries with a raw, sandy finish.

For quick and easy installation

Step 1.

Firstly, check the stability of the surface of the substrate to be insulated. Mix the UdiFOUNDATION COAT and apply a 6 -8 mm layer directly to the substrate using a toothed trowel. The thickness of the
coat may vary depending on the surface characteristics.



Step 2.
To cut the UdiIN 2CM Insulation Boards to size a woodworking machine, circular saw or jigsaw is recommended but even a craft knife can be used.




Step 3.
The insulation boards are pressed into the bed of UdiFOUNDATION COAT using light, uniform pressure. A drying time of around 2 days should be allowed (at normal temperature 18° C and 60 % relative humidity).




Step 4.
The UdiFOUNDATION COAT is then applied to the installed insulating layer and reinforced using a layer of UdiREINFORCEMENT Strengthening Mesh.





Using this system you can, of course, also renovate ceilings and the interior surfaces of pitched roofs which require renewal. In corner areas (internal and external corners) UdiREINFORCEMENT Corner Protection Profiles should also be installed. Alternatively, an exact joint can be formed and then filled with a suitable, paintable sealant.

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