More and more people are suffering from the effects of noise-related stress – even in their own four walls.

A peaceful living atmosphere is the basis for concentration and

relaxation at home. UdiQuality Insulation Systems reduce these troublesome external noise factors to a minimum. In timber constructions great demands are made upon the effectiveness of the acoustic insulation. This should be borne in mind when selecting building materials. In comparison to traditional insulation materials, UdiQuality Insulation Systems benefit from the relatively high mass weight of the wood fibres which enables the construction of top class buildings due to their excellent sound-proofing qualities.

Timber built houses have been constructed and tested with outstanding acoustic insulation values of 54 dB. Due to the ingenious sandwich-layer construction of the insulation boards resonance problems, such as those experienced with traditional foam-based facade insulation, are eliminated.

When insulating your building with UdiQuality Insulation Systems, the all too common prejudice that timber built houses are loud with “paper thin walls” is no longer valid. This has been proven in insulated houses built near airports.

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