A healthy lifestyle should also take into account the effects of the environment in which you spend long periods of time. Increased concentrations of harmful substances in interior spaces can lead to chronic health problems – without one having any idea of the cause. Factors such as poor air quality or noise over prolonged periods will even take their toll on the healthiest of people. There are however other factors: mould, dust mites, electro-smog or chemical substances (e.g. asbestos or formaldehyde) can not be regarded as positive for your health. Therefore it is important to check in advance the building materials that have been used and to take full advantage of the benefits offered by a modern vapour permeable building skin when planning modernisations or new constructions.

UdiQuality Insulation systems provide the reliable and active transport of air moisture that occurs due to temperature variations in building components. The wood fibres possess a capillary conductivity that provides the wood-fibre boards with their vapour permeable properties.

Vapour permeability means:

- Moisture is transported more efficiently through the building component and the sporadic build up of condensation is eliminated.

- In situations where building physics characteristics play a critical role, a certain amount of tolerance to practical building errors is made possible.

- A building skin that actively “breathes” provides a perceptibly more pleasant and balanced room climate.

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