The insulation boards used within our UdiQuality InsulationSystems are produced without any foreign binders and are therefore free from harmful substances. From the production stage to disposal, UNGER-DIFFUTHERM’s products meet all ecological standards. The raw material for our wood-fibre insulation is waste wood and off-cuts from saw mills. We only use softwood from sustainable indigenous forests. The use of renewable wood sources means that we have almost unlimited access to supplies of raw materials. We deliberately avoid the use of artificial fire retardants, fungicides and pesticides. The only binder used is the natural lignin contained in the wood. Artificial binders are unnecessary as the lignin performs this function naturally within the wood. Independent institutes continually monitor the quality level for uniformity and the presence of harmful substances.

UdiUdiQuality Insulation Systems are not only long-lasting but can even be reused or recycled decades later. On disposal the product life-cycle is complete. Thanks to the natural components, the insulation boards can be recycled, turned into compost or even reused to generate energy.

Over 40% of the total energy requirements of buildings, generated through the burning of fossil fuels, are lost – the majority in older buildings. Alone in Germany, over three quarters of all houses were built more than 25 years ago. Due to poor insulation over 60% of the heating energy is lost in such houses. Up to 80% of the energy requirement could be saved by energy-related modernisations.

Made exclusively from natural materials, our insulation products provide an ecological “added-value” in terms of environmental protection. The use, within the building sector, of renewable sources of wood from native forests reduces CO2 emissions: The CO2 remains stored in the processed product and thereby extends the carbon fixing efficiency.



Climate protection for our world. In our modern world, global energy needs are still predominantly met by the burning of fossil fuels. The reserves of oil, gas and coal are not however inexhaustible. Due to the increasing energy demands of the world's population, above all in industrialised countries, the situation is becoming even more dramatic. Apart from the development of alternative energy sources it is becoming increasingly important to reduce the levels of energy lost in buildings. One of the aims of the European Union (EU) is to reduce the level of energy consumption within buildings by 40%.

When planning the construction of the building’s skin it is no longer appropriate just to comply with the current legal requirements for energy efficiency. Apart from improvements in energy consumption the following factors should be considered: A building’s skin should provide the best possible protection from the cold but also an effective heat-shield in the summer and good sound-proofing qualities. In addition, through the selection of vapour-permeable materials it is possible to create a pleasant and health-promoting room climate.

Through the use of modern insulation systems from UNGER-DIFFUTHERM you can reduce your energy consumption, lower the level of CO2 emissions and bind it by using natural wood in building construction.

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