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Rooms have their own atmosphere. As soon as you walk in, they awake a subjective feeling of well-being. They can be inviting, encouraging you to spend time in them and offer a comfortable working environment. To feel protected, at ease and productive within your own four walls or at work – all these things are dependent upon a healthy room climate. UNGER-DIFFUTHERM products benefit from the positive physical properties of wood and are therefore able to make a significant contribution to such an atmosphere of ease and well-being.
Much more than just insulation against the cold
A lot more is expected today of a good insulation material than just the ability to protect against the cold. UNGER-DIFFUTHERM insulation systems also provide an effective heat-shield in the summer, offer excellent sound proofing qualities and good fire resistance characteristics. UNGER-DIFFUTHERM insulation systems regulate the air moisture level within rooms through the transport and storage of air vapour. UNGER-DIFFUTHERM insulation systems are also manufactured from extremely low emission coniferous wood which helps to protect your health. Through the fulfilment of these additional demands, UNGER-DIFFUTHERM insulation systems promote your well-being not only during the day but also at night – 365 days a year.
UNGER-DIFFUTHERM provides industry trainingand offers a 15 year guarantee package – outstanding quality.
Merchants, tradesmen and planners can build upon the services of UNGER-DIFFUTHERM.
We have years of experience - from the factory quality control to the delivery on-site:
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Smart ideas and best quality

Unger Diffutherm developed under the same name first became known thermal insulation - composite system (ETIC system, or EIFS), wood from sustainable and organic fibers as early as 1994 and it turned to the German Building Institute in Berlin. After extensive tests and investigations for the first time such an object many new facade insulation system in 2000 was later approved by the building for surfaces made ​​of wood and one year for masonry surfaces.

This modern-UdiFRONT Holzfaserdämmsystem based on a highly efficient wood fiber insulation with different density layers, which alternate in the structure 190-220 kg / m³.

The design was deliberately chosen in order to break the sound better to absorb moisture and release it can best fields and to achieve the good-natured water bottles effect. The softer side of each, so the lower density, was conscious always placed on the outside, because it assumes the function of the plaster layer with motion capture. The exterior is located on both sides of the insulation board is plastered on both sides so capable and can accommodate up to 4 mm surface movements or dynamics in the area per linear meter in itself and break down.

From these experiences very good and proven today develops new insulation material combinations, for example, contemporary UdiCLIMATE principle or the unique UdiRECO - insulation. All insulation systems based on the similar structural pattern: the material - sandwich with different densities.



Our seminars also with many partners a high priority and are well attended. Specifically, we provide our merchants, craftsmen or designers to the issues raised offer you maximum benefits from its activities: information on the latest technical standards and opportunities, practical applications under harsh conditions and developments in building physics backgrounds.

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