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The Schwanenschlösschen (Little Swan Palace) is a beautiful and lively attraction in the old town of Freiberg/ Saxony. This rare building style is an example of cheerful and light architecture. Its reflection on the water amplifies this impression and is in stark contrast to the Spartan and monumental style of the neighbouring palace façade.

Time had taken its toll on the original supporting posts and in 1973 the demolition of the building was unavoidable. In the middle of the 90’s, an architect’s competition led to its rebuilding. Priority was placed on maintaining the historical originality. The new structure which features a terrace around the whole circumference of the building is sited on the bank of the pond. The construction weighs approximately 350 tonnes and is supported by 24 reinforced concrete columns. Rebuilding work began in January 1999 and the opening was celebrated in May 2000.

The construction in detail:

The half-timbered building has a three-layer wall construction:

- Vertically perforated bricks
- Mineral wool
- Exterior skin: Half-timbered with the compartments between the timbers insulated with the external
thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) UNGER-DIFFUTHERM (Udi FRONT)

In conditions of heavy or driving rain, the vapour-permeable properties of the UdiFRONT system really come to the fore. It is far superior to traditional systems in the drying-out time required and in providing a permanently elastic level of wind-tightness in areas where other buildings abut the main structure. Tension and stresses in the foundations or substrate layers are absorbed by the sandwich-layer construction and are not transmitted to the rest of the structure. Our vapour permeable ETICS is an excellent alternative to the traditional method of filling the compartments between the timbers with loam, which is prone to the development of cracks during the drying process.

Special features:

A structurally demanding location on a lake.

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